Organic fruits and vegetables

Organic fruits and vegetables
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Society's blindspot

Just watched "Farm to Fridge," a documentary posted by ""  This is a 12 minute documentary about the animal products that we eat.  It is consistent with information that I have learned from many other sources.  Gary Smith is an animal rights activist and responsible for the blog; "The Thinking Vegan."  He said, "Being Vegan is offensive to people who eat animals.  When people meet vegans, they become aware in that moment that they eat animals. Rarely do they have to confront this truth.  People become uncomfortable and place the feeling on the vegan. Their own sense of mercy and compassion arises and makes them uneasy.  Mercy asks of you to abstain from this cruelty." If you eat meat, or milk or eggs, you should be aware of how these feeling creatures are treated.  It is the responsibility of each human being to become educated on this subject. You are then truly free to follow "the dictates of your own conscience." Animal rights is one of the critical social issues of our day. It is our blindspot.

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